Promoting healthy nutrition

We encourage nutrition based on the eating a variety of foods that are fresh and local.  Good nutrition also depends on avoiding toxins which inhibit the utilization of the food.  This includes the avoidance of food with pesticides, GMO, and preservitives.   Be sure to use  butter, coconut oil and olive oil only.  Eat only real food!

We believe in encouaging the availablity of a diversity of healing modalities in Belize... a country which still has the freedom of health choices.  Natural choices have less side effects and are cheaper. Always keep in mind the balancing of mind, body and spirit for optimum health.

Holistic Healing

Organic is the goal as we know that pesticides affect your health in very  bad ways.  We are teamed up with other organizations such as Pro-Organic Belize to promote organic home gardens.

There are lots of natural products being made in Belize so buy Belizean or make your own.  

Fitness Education

Encouraging natural products

Holistic Healing

Organic Agriculture

Keep moving!  Try to do an hour of excercise per day for optimum health.